Remember Aaron Carter?

I have roused myself from a food coma specifically to get on the computer and tell you that today is going to be a particularly lazy blog because if I stay upright for too long I start to feel sick (my mother always over caters Christmas). Anyway, this would be a review of The Hobbit, which came out today in Australia, but I am stuck in rural New South Wales and the cinema here closed while I was still in high school. As such, I don’t even really know what I’m going to be writing about today. I seriously spent the last 20 minutes trying to find something to write about, but all I found was the UK Female Allstars and breakfast. But I checked my social networks and decided I’m just going to make you a recommendation: go and check out Aaron Carter’s Twitter feed.

Those of you who are around my age may remember Aaron Carter. He was the younger brother of Nick Carter, of the Backstreet Boys (obviously). He was a little closer in age to the younger portion of the BSB’s fan base and thus very quickly found an audience of screaming tweenies ready to get down and party to his glorious covers of I Want Candy and originals like Aaron’s Party (Come Get It). Let’s take the opportunity to enjoy that last little gem there.

Anyway, he was also renowned for being for being so disgustingly adorable that he actually started a fight between Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff at some Disney awards show. (Lindsay before the drug problem and Hilary before the baby.)


The 90s were a poor time for everyone.

But then he kind of just dropped off the radar for ages. But thanks to the power of Twitter, we can now know what he’s doing at all times. I’ve seen some fairly wonderful Twitter accounts, but Aaron is just really dishing out some gold, particularly to people who accuse him of being “washed up”. As if Aaron Carter is washed up. He has a Twitter account. It is verified. Beat that. Haters. I’m just going to let Aaron take over from here, because he can defend himself infinitely better than I can.

First of all, Aaron would just like to clarify that the reason you hate him is cos you can’t handle him.

ACTweetSecondly, he does still have fans. Sometimes they even ask for photographs. It’s funny, if a little inconvenient at times.

ACtweet2Lolz. Oh Aaron. (For those of you who had forgotten about Aaron Carter, that was a Carter related pun because he released an album called Oh Aaron. The joke is even less funny when I have to explain it.) Either way, he totally doesn’t have to respond to your stupidity.



This last one is my favourite. Fame gets lonely y’all. Sometimes you just need the Twitter machine to get some babes to chat to your sexy face.

ACTweet4No word on how that panned out. You can find the rest of it here. I would highly recommend checking it out. Apparently he also released a single with Flo Rida. It’s pretty awful. Check it out here. I’m off to keep stuffing my face because it’s Christmas and that’s what we do. See you on Friday.


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