Disney Buys Star Wars: Nerds React

In a movie that made everyone go “OoohGodwhat?askjdhfkflHelp!Why?Argh!” the Walt Disney Co. bought Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion and announced that they were going to be making another Star Wars movie. I’m torn. <Cue musical interlude.>

You’re welcome. Anyway, back to the point…I really am torn. I love Star Wars. A lot. Seriously…like, a lot. I could go into all the nostalgia I have associated with them, but we all have those stories and they’re pretty boring, so let’s just say that I may or may not have once handed in an essay three days late because I was re-watching the trilogy on loop and that I definitely cried in the cinema in the late 90s because The Phantom Menace was so bad. I just really like Star Wars, OK? So the idea of more Star Wars for me is both exciting and horrifying. Exciting because MORE FUCKING STAR WARS! FUCK YES! Horrifying because if they’re as terrible as the prequel trilogy I may have to throw myself under a bus, and because Disney has taken the reins.

Let that sink in for a moment. Disney. Has taken over. Star Wars. I’m mad at Disney at the moment for The Lone Ranger, so the idea that they could be doing something equally terrible to something that I’m actually intensely emotionally invested in is worrying, to say the least.

In times of crisis, I often turn to the internet for comfort. So naturally, the first thing I did was check the social media of all my favourite high profile nerds in order to determine what their thoughts were on the issue.

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy and several Family-Guy-related parodies of the Star Wars films, was sufficiently unimpressed.

He then went on to respond to a fan who asked whether Disney’s new ownership would mean that the Family Guy parodies would have to cease and desist.

So, if nothing else, at least the public won’t be subjected to any more Family Guy parodies of Star Wars. Silver linings, people.

Everyone’s favourite super-nerd, Simon Pegg, had this to say:

Insert an appropriate “badum-tish” noise here. He did then say that he was excited about the new films, which may or may not be a ploy to extend his reign as the ultimate Hollywood nerd by starring in both Star Trek and Star Wars. GEEK SUPREMACY 50% COMPLETE!

That’ll do, Pegg. That’ll do.

It wouldn’t be a geek post without checking what Seth Green is up to. He didn’t post anything personally, but he did retweet a couple of things that would suggest that he is probably mostly just pleased about it.

Maybe, if we all think positive things about new Star Wars then everything will be OK? Is that just called wishing? I think it might be.

Final words go to two of my favourite people: Ewan McGregor and Nathan Fillion. You may recognise Nathan Fillion as Castle from Castle. Or, because you’re reading this blog, chances are you also recognise him as Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly (and you just crossed yourself and mumbled “rest in peace” at the mention of Firefly because the cancellation of that show IS NEVER GOING TO BE OK). He retweeted this (from Grant, the Mythbusters guy, no less):

As for Ewan McGregor, he played Obi-Wan in the prequel trilogy and is probably the only reason I’ve watched those trainwrecks more than once (…well, that and CGI Yoda ripping everyone to shreds, because that shit is FUNNY). He started by wishing George Lucas good luck in his future endeavours, and then finished it up with this:

I could get behind that… I think.

After lurking around, I’m still torn. I want it to be good so badly, but it could just be like that time they tried to give me more Indiana Jones and it was awful and had aliens and Shia Labeouf (I would seriously, SERIOUSLY recommend clicking that link). What do you think, internet!? Make up my mind for me! Is it the best or worst thing to ever happen?

Note: So, this blog is late. I wish I had a good excuse but basically I worked for 9 hours and then tequila happened (I shouldn’t be allowed in Mexican themed bars). If it’s any consolation, the McDonalds that I drunkenly consumed is really disagreeing with me.


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